Coupon code for Memebox!

Hey guys just a quick post here. Memebox emailed me with a coupon code for $3 off for all my subscribers. No minimum purchase required! This coupon code is good until March 31st so if you’ve been thinking about ordering a Memebox go use your coupon because now you’ll save $3.00! Sweet! What will you be purchasing with your Memebox promo code?

Coupon code: 6RMX0

Check out the best deals at Memebox!

Memebox by banila co.
Memebox full of banila co. products, one of Korea’s favorite brand.
banila co. is well-known for it’s high quality, efficacy, and gorgeous packaging.

Last minute box ideas:

Superbox #1
Worth over $150 of the bestselling skin care and make up products at $69.99, including shipping.

Superbox #2
Superbox makeup edition with 4 full-sized products!

Superbox #3
Quench your thirsty skin with our favorite hydratio picks!
Spoiler alert #1. LJH Dr Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule

Current promotional offers:

<a href="http://Memebox Men 3 Points back

Memebox bundle #11~#13:15% off

Memebox bundle #11~#16: 20% off

Now get out the and use your code before it expires! Haha!
Let me know what you guys are gonna get with your coupon. I’m currently waiting on Superbox 2 and 3, Luckybox 2 and debating ordering Memebox 11 or Memebox by Banilla Co.

Love you guys!!



Memebox Superbox 1


Memebox Superbox 1

Ooh Memebox, how I love thee! Here as promised is Memebox’s Superbox 1. Are you excited to see whats inside? Well here it goes…


bubble wrapped Memebox

Well actually we are not there yet but Memebox does a great job packing everything. Every box comes fully wrapped in this bubble wrap and then it goes into another bag as pictured above in the very first photo. I’ve received two boxes thus far and no damage whatsoever to any items!


the box!

Ok so now we can get into what was in Superbox 1. Reminder… Superboxes are full of full-sized products!


Ta da!

This box was jam-packed full of goodies. I think I loved everything I tried!

Update: Correction, I do love everything in this box.


Natural Cocoon Peeling Silk Ball 20ea $5

These little silk worm cocoons are Ah-mazing! I’ve been using two but I really think four is the way to go with these. I was trying to stretch out using them because we get 20 in a pack and I really, really like them. They make your(my) face so soft after using them and its all natural because it’s an actual silk worms cocoon! At first you might think its gross but then your like who the hell cares my face is gonna be all baby soft and without any chemicals, F*%& YEAH! Haha! And don’t worry, the little baby silk worms are not in the cocoons any longer! it’s just the empty hollow cocoon. Haha!


Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanser-Lemon 130g $40.29

Now this cleanser is fantastic. Look at that texture. It reminds me of fluff but it’s not sticky at all. Hubsy thought it looked like cottage cheese and that killed it for me so I went back to marshmallow candy cloud thoughts! Haha! The cleanser comes with that little spatula below the cleanser in the picture above. It just smells so clean and refreshing and I absolutely love, love, love washing my face with this stuff!


Skin 1004 Cocoon Pore Tightening Soap-100g $20

Do you guys know Jaclyn Hill ? I love her. She is always cracking me up. If you’re not familiar with Jaclyn then you should check out her YouTube channel. I linked it up to her name if you’d like to check her out. So the reason I mentioned Jaclyn was because I was going to say this stuff is Ah-maze-balls! And if you know Jaclyn, you know she says that! Now onto the soap… This stuff claims to minimize and tighten pores. Gently removes dirt and excess oil and has Organic ingredients. I’m not sure about the removing excess oil because I have dry skin, but everything else did what it says it does! My pores are visible smaller or  hidden or shrunken after using this soap, it is great stuff. If you have visible pores go get this soap. If you click the picture above it should take you to purchase this product. Also if you have dry skin. Other bar soaps dry your skin out but I found this bar to be moisturizing and felt nothing like another bar soap I’ve tried before.


Cheek Room Lip & Cheek – Orange 7g $8.99

I tried this out today just to get a look at how the color was on my cheeks. It was surprisingly nice! A nice coralish color for the cheeks this summer. I put this on my lips over a balm and I really like how it looked. This is a really nice spring/summer color. I can’t wait for it to start getting warmer out!


Plant Stem Cell Moisturizer – T Goddess Cream 50ml $27.50

This is actually a moisturizer! I didn’t realize it for the first couple days I actually didn’t know until I went on Memebox’s website and seen the word moisturizer!


Plant Stem Cell Moisturizer – T Goddess Cream 50ml $27.50

I’m not sure if you can see this clearly or not but this is a gel moisturizer. It’s clear but has a whitish look to it. Maybe it’s the container? It smells lemony to me. I really like it but I’ve never seen or used a gel moisturizer before so it felt a little funny at first but I always say as long as a product works I’ll use it! This stuff just feels clean and refreshing.  Plant Stem Cell Moisturizer gets great reviews on Memebox as well. I actually noticed most of the items in this superbox had great reviews.


Ddobyul Plant Stem Cell Anti-Aging Solution 30ml $73.15

Memebox’s info card states…

This is a high performance blemish treatment with Yew tree extract that instantly soothes the skin. Its oil-free formula offers weightless hydration and enhances skin complexion.

I really was excited to see this in my box. I love serums like these. I’ve been using the Michael Todd Knu Serum so this is right up my alley. I think I might switch this out from Michael Todd’s for a while to see what this bad boy can do. Haha.


LJH Tea Tree Mask 3 each $3

Lastly! Can you believe there was this much stuff in this box! I love Memebox! So again lastly, this is the LJH Tree Tea Mask. I used this the other night and it felt so refreshing. I should have taken a picture. Next time. I would totally buy these masks again. My skin felt really hydrated after and it has Tree Tea oil in it and that helps with blemishes and I’ve been having some really bad hormonal acne from this post-pardum medication i’m taking right now but theres not much I can do other then deal with it until I’m done breastfeeding or the depression goes away. Either way I’m stuck with my current face right now so the items in this box were a real delight considering most of them were geared towards clearing blemishes. I’m just hoping to maybe find a product that can help. If not? I just tell myself its better to be happy than to feel crappy! Seriously I don’t know where I come up with this stuff sometimes!

I hope if anything you guys got a laugh or two from this crazy mama! Oh and If you’re wondering if Memebox’s Superbox 1 is still available for purchase? It is! Superbox 1 cost $69.99. But that Serum alone covers the cost of the box then basically everything else is free! All totaled up from the card Memebox provided along with the prices this box has a value of $177.93! So I’d say this was a really nice valued box. After purchasing it blindly would I purchased it now knowing whats in it? Absolutely! I think this was an incredible deal with some great products in it. If your into skin care products like I am,  I would definitely go over to Memebox and pick it up while this is still available.

I know this was a super long blog post. So thank you to anyone that managed to get through the entire post. if you skipped sections, that counts too so give yourself a pat on the back, go have a glass of wine and whip out the credit cards, its Memebox ordering time! Haha!

Love you guys!



Let me know what you guys thought. Did you get this box? Are you going to get this box? Have you tried Memebox at all yet?

I have some more subscriptions that I’ll be posting this week.

Disclaimer: I paid for this subscription box with my own money or someone else’s hard earned money because lets face it, I’m poor and I have an addiction to subscription boxes.   Hence the poor part! Haha

Memebox Luckybox 1

Hello Ladies. You are in for a treat today. I received my first Memebox! If you’re not familiar with Memebox let me explain before we jump on in. Memebox is the number 1 Korean Beauty Box and today I received Memebox Superbox and Luckybox 1 today I will do Luckybox 1 and try to get Superbox up tomorrow or the following day but I’ll try to get it posted tomorrow for you all!!!

Currently Memebox has Memebox Global it is described on their site as…

The Superbox is described as…

The Luckybox is described as…

So this review is on the Memebox Luckybox Number 1. This is how the package comes in the mail


Memebox Luckybox 1

After you tear off the first layer you get


Luckybox 1

Now let me just tell you that these boxes go quickly so if you want it and see it on the site I would suggest ordering it. Now Luckybox 1 was sold out but was brought back and is still available on the site so if you’re interested in this box I would suggest going by their site as soon as possible. Oh and Luckybox 2 just became available so there is two luckyboxes to choose from right now.


Luckybox 1

This is our first look at Luckybox 1! If I did it correctly you should be able to just click on the picture and have it redirect you to the site. I am impressed with how much stuff you get with Memebox and I love skin care products so I am in love with these boxes. I actually have two more boxes coming. I order the Superbox 2 and Superbox! Two I think is just makeup and Three is Hydration, I believe skin care products.


Too Cool for school Aqua Gel Mist 100ml

This stuff smells amazing, even the hubby liked it. He said his face has been feeling dry and this Gel Mist felt nice on his face. This is a full size product that retails for $12. I am going to assume USD because its on the info card Memebox provided. It says Too Cool for school Aqua Gel Mist 100ml. It says it instantly replenishes your skin with soothing hydration, and provides a healthy-looking glow to your skin. I can not say enough good things about this stuff. I love it.


CNP Laboratories Cleansing Perfecta 50ml


Next up we have CNP Laboratories Cleansing Perfecta 150ml ($23). We were given a 50ml sample, which is a pretty good sample if you ask me(have you seen Birchbox samples lately?). This is a 1/3 of the full size and is worth about $7.67.


Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence 30ml

This is the Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence 30ml. This retails for $46 and is full size! It says over time, enlarged pores are visibly reduced, and skin creates stronger support for a tighter, more refined, and smoother complexion.


Mamonde First Energy Serum 10ml 

Mamonde First Energy Serum, full size is 100ml and retails for $27. We were given  a 10ml sample worth about $2.70. This also came with an extra sample of the serum in a packet and a cc cream in a packet.


Tonynoly Delight Tony Tint Red 1.5ml

This was a sample size at 1.5ml($1.50) the full size is 9ml and retails for $3. Per Memebox this is one of the bestselling lip tint in Korea. It instantly gives vivid red color on your lip with a single touch. It create a gradient lip known as “Korean Lip.”


Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red lip swatch

Just thought I’d throw this in there. I really liked this, it stained my lips just as it said it would and stayed on for a couple hours but then I washed my face for bed so I’ll have to test the longevity another day.


Sep Face Lifting Mask 30g

This is Sep Face Lifting Mask 30g. This is a full size product it retails for $14. I can’t wait to try this. I meant to tonight but I forgot. Oops!


Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essence 12ml

Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essence 12ml(about $17) Full size is 50ml and retails for $68. By the way I’m not the best at math so if you are and you noticed a messed up the numbers…call me out. Thats how we learn anyways! haha. So This product looks pretty awesome. I can’t wait to test this bad boy out! I love anti-wrinkle anything and anything anti-wrinkle that actually works. So I’m pumped to test this stuff out.


Dear by Enporani Bounce Cream Cheese 100ml

I was just shocked. I thought this was a full size product but its not this is 100ml and the full size is 300ml! so our sample averages about $5.50 and the full size is $16. I did get to try this stuff out tonight and it weird, but fun weird. it says this is a facial cream that has a very unique bounce texture from high concentrations of milk serum, also known as Whey. Whey is a good source of natural protein that perfectly hydrates and firms your skin.

It reminded me of mozzarella cheese when melted its really stringy! I liked it!

Ok so Memebox Luckybox cost me I think 23 plus 6.99 s&h. But if you sign up to their site new you get two points, which translates to $2 I believe you can take off your order so thats a plus. Plus when you make a purchase you also accumulate points that can be used for later purchases. Ok Ok so this box was worth $106.17 roughly and again it costs $23. I did purchase this myself and I am not being reimbursed or paid for my opinion. This is all my clever little thoughts! Haha. These boxes are amazing and I am totally hooked. I love how much stuff you get in  this box, its crazy!

Ok I need to get to bed now but if you click on any of the pictures it should take you right over to order the Luckybox 1. Remember Luckybox 2 is available now too.  If you just want to check out the website click here

Oh and let me know what you guys think. Are you interested? Will you be signing up for a box?  I’d love to hear from you!

Love you guys!!!