Coupon code for Memebox!

Hey guys just a quick post here. Memebox emailed me with a coupon code for $3 off for all my subscribers. No minimum purchase required! This coupon code is good until March 31st so if you’ve been thinking about ordering a Memebox go use your coupon because now you’ll save $3.00! Sweet! What will you be purchasing with your Memebox promo code?

Coupon code: 6RMX0

Check out the best deals at Memebox!

Memebox by banila co.
Memebox full of banila co. products, one of Korea’s favorite brand.
banila co. is well-known for it’s high quality, efficacy, and gorgeous packaging.

Last minute box ideas:

Superbox #1
Worth over $150 of the bestselling skin care and make up products at $69.99, including shipping.

Superbox #2
Superbox makeup edition with 4 full-sized products!

Superbox #3
Quench your thirsty skin with our favorite hydratio picks!
Spoiler alert #1. LJH Dr Care Vita-Propolis Ampoule

Current promotional offers:

<a href="http://Memebox Men 3 Points back

Memebox bundle #11~#13:15% off

Memebox bundle #11~#16: 20% off

Now get out the and use your code before it expires! Haha!
Let me know what you guys are gonna get with your coupon. I’m currently waiting on Superbox 2 and 3, Luckybox 2 and debating ordering Memebox 11 or Memebox by Banilla Co.

Love you guys!!