*Ipsy December 2013*

I just got my Ipsy box yesterday!!! Ahhh can you believe it? I almost forgot because I’ve been occupied stalking my mailman for Christmas packages I’ve ordered. I’m proud to say I didn’t have to leave my house for one gift this season, so far. Ok so I’m not really proud of that but with four kids I’m grateful to UPS who always delivers to me. And I mean always they are on their sh*t!
So ok lets do this….

Bam… The bag is pink. You can’t go wrong with pink. It’s a win right there! Hahah


This month was Celebration. I feel like the month after such a epic month like November is hard to beat so I expect the. Next month to be eh? Which to me it was but I don’t mind because November was Epic. I feel like once a quarter the bags are epic so last month was it. But you should still sign up because there is a waiting list and….
1 it’s $10/month!
2 you get all this makeup for $10/month
3. You get a cute makeup bag!!!
4 you get discounts on the featured products that month!

So go sign up!!!!


Click the link above!

Ooh, are you excited to see what’s in here?…

First up NYX Lipstick, color Sunflower or 638 .
Sunflower through me off I ain’t gonna lie. But when I put it on it was really pretty. I love it, not like it, I love it!!!


Next is Be A Bombshell


Next is Be A Bombshell, The One Stick in the color flustered. It’s red with gold flex or sparkle in it.

Next is a eyeshadow palette by Pop Beautyi received Smokin Hot.

Now this top coat is pretty cool. I had my nails painted a green, light green shimmery color and with this on top it looked beautiful. My one complaint why is there a sticker on it with the brand name?

And now to wrap up December the last item is Andrea Strip Lashes. It comes with adhesive, even better!

I thought this bag was pretty good, what did you guys get? Did you think this month was ok?



Ipsy November 2013

>Let me tell you how stinkin’ excited I was to get my Ipsy Bag this month… I was pretty excited now let me tell you why. This month instead of the usual 4 to 5 items we got 6, yes you read that right 6! Bone-@ss!!! Did I mention that it comes in a super cute bag and only costs $10 a month. Yes that’s right, freakin’ awesome! Every month I get fun new make-up delivered right to me. I only wish I had come up with that idea, genius!!!! So I know everyone is soon excited to see what I got so let’s get on with it…


I get excited every month seeing this pink bag!!!!!

Seriously look at this bag?!!!!! This is by far the best month and best bag I even love the handle or wrist slip! A lot of thought went into this bag and I appreciate it! This is the bag in the bag…


First item from Michelle Phan's line I received was a FULL SIZE mascara, black.

So I am a month late getting this up so I’ve tried it. And I will upload December’s bag after this one. This mascara seemed good at first it did lengthing as claimed but nothing else. I personally didn’t care for this if anyone else got this item and you have different thoughts, let me know. I’d love to hear what you guys think. This is the brush…

br />

Next up is Be A Bombshell! It’s a red color. I think Ipsy gave two colors, some got red and others got a purplish plum color I think.. I felt like this formula was really dry. To be honest I would not repurchase this in the full size even with a coupon!


This next product is from Starlooks and it is stunning look at this sparkle!!! I love it. Again FULL SIZE!



My favorite product is right here GlamGlow! It’s not full size it’s skincare but I love this stuff!!!! It retails for like $69 for a full size jar so when ever I can some some that doesn’t cost that much, I do. This is basically the same sample size that you can buy at Sephora for $19. Same amount of product just a different container. If you haven’t tried this stuff yet you need to get down to Sephora and ask for a sample so that way you save some money and can try the product to see if you do like it, if not no harm no fowl! Hahah

Next, Nailtini color, Caviar Cocktail. I’m always happy with Nailtini Polishes. Some people complain but I like them.



Now last item, that’s 6 products this month! 5 full size I think? And 1 deluxe size. So back to the picture. This is from Pixi. I think it’s a highlighter? It doesn’t do it for me. It’s way to light to be a bronzer and I’ve tried it as a highlighter and it’s meh? Again not something in would go out and repurchase.


If you would like to try Ipsy out please click the link and it will take you directly to sign up! http://www.ipsy.com/r/1jf7
All in all I think Novemeber was my favorite month? What do you guys think?