Dr. Scholls for her

So I really didn’t think my first post would be about Dr. Scholls For Her comfy sole inserts but here we are! Haha!!
So Influenster sent me the MamaVoxBox complimentary for testing purposes. Now one of the items in this box that I was impressed with was the Dr. Scholls for her. You know those gel sole inserts that are purple. I mean no one is going to see them but I can appreciate good packaging and anything purple so even just looking at it alone is a win for me. I was nervous to try them because me new boots were being shipped and I wasn’t sure if I opened them if they can be transferred from shoe to boots to sneakers. Let me tell you, they can. AWESOME!!! So now they are in my boots but I couldn’t wait so I tried them in my sneakers, then heels, platforms, flats. These little babies are great. I definitely like the fact that if you’re hurting for cash you can get away with one pair.

*I just want to remind you that these were sent to me complimentary from Influenster. These are my own thoughts. I was not paid to say these things about Dr. Scholls. I was given this box to review items and give my honest opinion. The box I received was the MamaVoxBox.