New Camera and some photos!


Canon Rebel T3 Supposed to be T3i, oops!

So I ordered this camera online and you can see how I can order the wrong camera with three kids three and under up my butt! hahah But I wanted to play around with it to see what it can do. Check out some of my photos.


This is me behind the camera!


Ry Ry will be 1 March 28th! This is our birthday boy this month!


L to R: Brae, the hubs and D


Good morning sleepy head!


hard at work! haha


1 computer + 2 boys that want it = 1 giant fight!!! haha

What did you guys think? I should mention all the photos above are unedited! I thought the pictures came out really nice. I want to take a DSLR class now so I can really get into how to work this camera. I’m so excited. Hopefully soon now I can start getting my YouTube videos up and running.

I noticed I never put any pics of myself on here so here are some recent pics I’ve taken with my iPhone and these photos are edited! Come Back and visit soon!
Oh real quick… yesterday I got 11 new followers so I was excited! So thank you to all my followers from the start to today! Love you guys!

IMG_0356IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0174 IMG_0175 IMG_4767Thats it for today from my family to yours! Hope you guys enjoyed seeing some pics with the Canon Rebel and also some family photos I’ve taken with my iPhone. Hugs from us!


Amy and The Boys!


A big thank you and a FunMamaLikes Product of the Week!


I’ve been wanting to blog for years but I felt like I never had anything to say but now with kids and my enormous makeup addiction and let’s not forget amazing subscription boxes I have more than plenty to talk about! Haha! So I just wanted to thank you guys for following me and liking my statuses and commenting. So a big thank you to you from me!
Talking about subscription boxes. I love skin-care products and there is a subscription box that just started shipping world-wide. Not only is it a Korean beauty box but it’s the number 1 rated Korean Beauty Box. It’s called Memebox! I have been researching it and I was going to purchase a box today but I was having trouble? I don’t know I couldn’t figure it out. Oh and this subscription is not like our regular reoccurring subscriptions. You sign up on their site. and they email you when ever they have a new box that will be going out. So you can sign up or not sign up for that box and they will continuously end you a notice when a new box is available and you decide if you want in. But let me tell you these boxes sell out fast! So that means I want in! Haha Have any of you guys heard of it, signed up for a box? I need to figure out how to order it, it’s gonna drive me crazy until I do.
Well that’s was a lot longer post than I intended but I am just so excited about this box and wanted to know if you guys have heard of it.

Ah I might as well just keep going. This week has been horrible! My boys are all sick and have been sick for over a week. Ry Ry is 9 months, D is 2 and Brae is 3 and they are all sick it’s not a pretty site! So since I am FunMamaLikes I thought I’d throw in a Helpful Mom item of the week. this week it has been drum roll please….


Not a super fun product but a necessary one if you have kids or pets! Or a husband!

This stuff is amazing I use it on the carpet, in our bed. I use it everywhere and it’s like magic. I love this stuff especially when I have a house full of sick kids!



This is me Ry Ry and D fooling around today.
Well it’s off to bed for me.
A big thank you to all my new subscribers!