Memebox Superbox 6 Anti-Aging

What up guys!!

It feels so good to be back. I’m gonna be honest it was a little hard getting back into the swing of things but here we are with one of my favorite Subscription type boxes. I say subscription like because Memebox isn’t actually a subscription service. You can sign up on their website to have them send you emails and they will email you when a new box becomes available or if they have restocked any boxes. So let’s get started…


Memebox Superbox #6 Anti-Aging Box!

So the box come like this but protected in bubble wrap and inside a black sealed bag. They really go above and beyond to make sure you don’t have any problems with your box, which, I appreciate. Next…


Superbox 6 Anti-Aging First look. Look at that first look. I knew before this box even got to my door that I would love it.

This is the first look in the box and I love it. I always love Superbox because it’s all full size items! It does cost more because or that but Anti-Aging box is one I don’t mind paying extra for full-sized products. Sample sizes just don’t cut it with Anti-Aging. You know what I mean?


Elisha Coy Water Drop Suncream (Oil Free & Non-stick) + (mask sheet) 50ml $38 USD…Ahh. I thought the included and extra face mask but now I see it was supposed to be in the box. The info card didn’t have a pic for this item so I was confused but not any longer…Ding, Ding, Ding.

Elisha Coy Water Drop Sunscreen. This sunscreen is awesome. I love it! it is weightless, non-greasy. It doesn’t feel like sunblock at all! I’m so glad we are starting to get other option for sunblock than those traditional greasy, white, goopy paste that doesn’t ever blend into your skin and just makes a complete mess. This Elisha Coy Sunblock does not do any of that! This should be everyone’s and is my new Holy Grail products. It prevents sun damage and pre-mature wrinkles I never realized how important sunblock is and I am a complete convert and this is an everyday product in my routine.


Societte Eye Tangle Spot Black Gel 20ml.
Full Size Product. $29.00 USD

Societte Eye Tangle Spot Black Gel 20ml $29.00. This The info card says this targets any wrinkle around the eye, mouth and forehead area. I absolutely love the packaging here it seems so fancy because it’s black gel. Honestly though I don’t know exactly what step this is in my routine. I’ve been putting it on before or after eye cream. Do you guys think that’s correct or am I using it wrong? There are so many skin products sometimes I just put like 2 or 3 serums on. I figure the more the better! Haha am I just wasting product or do you guys think the same way? I’d love to know. I tried to find a link to this product but I couldn’t, I even looked on Memebox. Sorry.



Crema Galatea Night Cream 50ml (This is fancy it comes with a warranty card!! $39.00 USD

Creama Galatea Night Cream 50ml. Now this is fancy! Seriously. It comes with a warranty card! The fragrance is very stong but I really like it but I don’t even smell it a couple of minutes later. This is enhanced with avocado, jojoba oil, bay leaf extract and lavender oil. It also gives a Pro Tip?  It says use the white sparkling pearl to highlight your eyes. I don’t get that part but I really like this stuff so eh, whateves.


DKDN BIFIDA Perfect Essence Special Treatment 30ml Retails $24

DKDN BIFIDA Perfect Essence Special Treatment 30ml. $24 Memebox says this is an essence that smooths fine lines and tightens loose skin by deeply penetrating the skin’s surface to help in the regeneration of cells. This is also moisturizing to keep skin soft and hydrated. This has a fancy dropper in it. It’s not the traditional straight one, it’s slanted! Now that’s fancy! Hehe. I’m obsessed with skin care if you haven’t noticed and I’m also obsessed with Memebox because it feeds my skin care obsession!


Secret Key Super Plumping Gel Oil 30g Retails $42 USD. This screams my name. Take a look at this, this sceams my name! It had me as soon as I seen it was pink(smells  great too). Haha


Secret Key Super Plumping Gel Oil 30g $42. This is supposed to have many great effects, while mainly targeting wrinkles. It says to use this after toner and you’ll quickly be on your way to smoother, younger and brighter skin. Seriously this had me at its packaging. It’s super girlie looking and smells great. Love it!!!!


Chamos Acaci Snail Repair Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream 30ml Retails $21 USD. I love this packaging too! I love how easy this is to dispense. So easy!

Chamos Acaci Snail Repair Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream 30ml. $21. This eye cream significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles around the eyes by forming a protective layer of moisture on the skin. I love eye creams. My current eye cream is the Michael Todd Knu eye cream. That has the snail serum in it and I’m happy to try another brand with snail slime in it! Anything for beauty, right?


DR. Joy Sensational Forehead & Glabella Patch 10g USD. Retails $21

Dr. Joy Sensational Forehead & Glabella Patch 10g. Full Size $21. Then Ricebran and Arbutin. Eco Pure Pulp Mask Sheet 23g ? Not sure on the value of this one. This was not on my info card. I don’t know if they just threw in an extra item. They must have unless they forgot to print it on the info sheet. Either way I’m grateful for any and all skincare products.

I tried the Forehed and Glabella Patch. I really like this mask. Let me tell you why… It’s only a forehead mask. Sometimes I don’t feel like having a mask all over my face especially when they don’t always fit right but this one fit perfectly and a forehead patch is totally do-able. By do-able I mean I can wear it and not scare the crap out of my kids! Haha!


Memebox Superbox #6 Anti-Aging Kit $59



Ok so to sum up this Superbox #6 Anti-Aging Box these are my thoughts. This is one of my favorite boxes. Superbox 1 and Superbox 6 are my absolute favorites so far. Both are sold out. If they do a restock on either box I would drop everything you’re doing and order ASAP! These boxes sell out quick so there is not much time for thinking. Just ordering! Haha.

This box cost cost $59 and the value for the box I came up with was $214!! That is incredible! Seriously. Ah-mazing!!!!! Love me some Memebox!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review. I’m sorry this is sold out right now but don’t worry too much they usually restock boxes so just be on the lookout or better yet go sign up for email updates and you’ll get 2 points equal to $2 off your order plus you’ll know when the boxes come in so you get a chance to order it.

If you love skin care I think this is the perfect box for you. I absolutely love it and I am always happy with what I get. They also have makeup boxes, men boxes, they have a get sexy in 10 minute box or something along those lines. A night before box so if you have a big event to go to this box is supposed to make you glow from within kinda deal the next day.

I could go on and on. If you’re interested in these boxes I’ll include the link here. I’ll just let you know shipping can take 2 weeks to a month for standard. but I don’t mind waiting because it costs a lot less so that’s up to you.

Thank you guys for stopping by.  I am hoping to write one blog per week if I can get more done awesome I’ll definitely shoot for it but you can expect at least once per week.

Thank you to all the new subscribers. Welcome, glad to have you guys here. Is there anything you guys are curious to have reviewed? I know I’ve been doing boxes a lot but I did just pick up the Kat Von D palette, Monarch. I’ve been playing with it this week.  Let me know.

Love you guys!









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