Birchbox February 2014


Birchbox and Us Weekly February 2014 Box

Welcome to the February 2014 Birchbox.

Birchbox and Us weekly teamed up for February’s box. I am a big fan of “Step and Repeat,” this months theme. So I kept the theme going for the pics. You’ll see!


Birchbox February 2014

Ooh the first thing I seen was pink, pink nail polish so lets put a pic up and show you guys!


Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish in Kitten Heels

How gorgeous is this color? I was beyond ecstatic just for this little puppy. And then…it changes color! I haven’t seen it change color yet because I’m a mom of four kids, three are three and under, so yeah. Haha. Honestly, I’m happy with just the pink but I guess it does change to a more orange color in the sunlight. I’m just going to copy and paste what Birchbox says about how it works…

How it Works

Formulated with SolarActive® Technology, each polish transitions from one shade to another as soon as you step out into the sunlight and come into contact with UV rays. Walk back indoors, and your nails will return to the original color. Each Ruby Wing polish is non-toxic, vegan, and environmentally safe.

So there you go. I can tell you that it goes on really nice and dries really fast. I think this might be my fastest drying nail polish I own and thanks to subscription boxes, that’s quite a lot!


Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Ok, lets just get this out-of-the-way. This was the most disappointing item in my Birchbox. Not because it’s a bad palette but because of this sample. It is extremely hard to try to do an eyeshadow look with a paper palette. I tried but it just ended up stashed in a drawer because I felt bad throwing it away. Now let me just tell you. I am an eyeshadow, wait no, I am a palette freak. I can’t help it. I just need to buy them. If they had made a better way to try these out where I could actually try them out or even less eyeshadows but more product of each that would have been better. I kinda find it insulting that they put this in my box. Seriously Birchbox just stop it. I know its only $10.00/month but just stop. Haha!

Do you think they heard me? Obviously, I’m joking. Haha.


Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Keeping with the same brand, Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara. Now here is a sample size I can try to see if I like. There is actually more than one use out of this sample. I am pleased! Haha. Oh boy, I’m really cracking myself up tonight. Now I’ve never tried this mascara before. I tend to stay with my Benefit They’re Real Mascara but I don’t mind experimenting with others. That’s how we find newer awesome products. So I was pretty impressed with this little bottle. The wand is huge though, it reminded me of Benefits BadGal Lash Mascara. I liked it but I still like my Benefit, They’re Real mascara.


Coola Tinted Matte SPF30 for Face

Next on the block is Coola Tinted moisturizer/BB cream? Not too sure on this one but I really like it. The sample size is nice and I like getting SPF products, especially Coola. I’ve always been happy with their products. This time is no different. Great product. It has a silicone in it so it actually reminds me of Benefits Porefessional but it evens out your skin tone. It doesn’t erase your pores like Porefessional but it does smooth everything out nicely. If i had to choose between the two. Hands down the Coola. Why? Because, for me, the Porefessional doesn’t last on my skin for some reason. I don’t even think it last for an hour. So I feel better spending money on a product that is going to last the whole day or more than an hour!


Beauty Protector Protect and Oil

This smells amazing just like the detangler from their line. BP needs to market this scent. I would buy the perfume version of this scent. It smells soooooo good! If you have not smelled this line yet, you need too! I haven’t used much of this yet but I  like the smell and it seemed like all my other oils. I would buy this one though next time because it works just like my others but smells divine!

So that’s it for this months Birchbox. What did you guys think of February’s box?

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A big thank you and a FunMamaLikes Product of the Week!


I’ve been wanting to blog for years but I felt like I never had anything to say but now with kids and my enormous makeup addiction and let’s not forget amazing subscription boxes I have more than plenty to talk about! Haha! So I just wanted to thank you guys for following me and liking my statuses and commenting. So a big thank you to you from me!
Talking about subscription boxes. I love skin-care products and there is a subscription box that just started shipping world-wide. Not only is it a Korean beauty box but it’s the number 1 rated Korean Beauty Box. It’s called Memebox! I have been researching it and I was going to purchase a box today but I was having trouble? I don’t know I couldn’t figure it out. Oh and this subscription is not like our regular reoccurring subscriptions. You sign up on their site. and they email you when ever they have a new box that will be going out. So you can sign up or not sign up for that box and they will continuously end you a notice when a new box is available and you decide if you want in. But let me tell you these boxes sell out fast! So that means I want in! Haha Have any of you guys heard of it, signed up for a box? I need to figure out how to order it, it’s gonna drive me crazy until I do.
Well that’s was a lot longer post than I intended but I am just so excited about this box and wanted to know if you guys have heard of it.

Ah I might as well just keep going. This week has been horrible! My boys are all sick and have been sick for over a week. Ry Ry is 9 months, D is 2 and Brae is 3 and they are all sick it’s not a pretty site! So since I am FunMamaLikes I thought I’d throw in a Helpful Mom item of the week. this week it has been drum roll please….


Not a super fun product but a necessary one if you have kids or pets! Or a husband!

This stuff is amazing I use it on the carpet, in our bed. I use it everywhere and it’s like magic. I love this stuff especially when I have a house full of sick kids!



This is me Ry Ry and D fooling around today.
Well it’s off to bed for me.
A big thank you to all my new subscribers!