MAC Haul featuring Viva Glam Rihanna!


Ooh I just got this in the mail yesterday(two days ago now!)and I was so excited to just play with it all but as usual when you have soooo many young kids they pretty much make that impossible, now throw on top that my 9 month, 2 and 3 year old are all sick. Needless to say I didn’t get much playing with makeup last night but I will today because it’s Saturday and Daddy is home so I can lock myself in the bathroom for a while and he can see what my week has been like. Haha. It’s payback time. I’m kidding. Kinda. Ok let’s get into what I got…

So there are two more items not pictured above I picked up at Macys so I’m going to include it too because I got them a day apart from each other. So the first thing I got was…

Oh yeah let’s start off right…

For some reason the first couple of pics came out a little blurry I think? It could be my eyes but I’m not sure. So if it is, sorry ūüė¶


Hello Viva Glam Rihanna! Look at that babe! It’s gorgeous! I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it I was honestly hoping for a pink lipstick but I wanted the cute packaging so I bought it for that single reason! Haha I know that’s awful but it all worked out in the end. It’s a sparkly red lipstick and I love it.

Next babe is MAC Mineralized Rich Lipstick in Dreaminess. Oh my this is like the most perfect pink. I absolutely love this color. Why don’t they make this color in the regular lipstick line? It’s a pretty penny. I think it was $22 for one lipstick! And I’m pretty obsessed with it too so who knows how long this color is going to last because I think I’ll be wearing this everywhere. I wore it to bed last night! Yes I did. I took off all my makeup serum, eye cream, moisturizer, second moisturizer, lip balm, Mac dreaminess, Michael Todd refresher mist, bed! I told you, I’m obsessed.

I’m sorry no lip swatches. But here is a hand swatch. Maybe I’ll try and update later with lip swatches.

Here is Amber Lights (FYI… We are at 24 hrs later it was like 2am and little D got sick. I had to go handle that. Little man has a double ear infection on top of the stomach bug that is going around. Ry Ry is getting over the stomach bug and Brae is at the same point as D other than the ear infections. It’s been a nightmare in my house for two weeks now. Me last week and obviously I passed on my germs to them I guess the only bright side is that we are not sick at the same time. So it took me two days to write this post. Sorry)

I might have an obsession with lipstick lately, I just can’t stop. I feel like I need the perfect color. The MAC Dreaminess is pretty perfect, although the application is a little different from most lipsticks. I think it will just take some time getting used to it. I don’t know why but the lipstick reminds me of someone’s finger? The part that goes on your lips reminds me of the fingernail. Sorry, I know…TMI! Seriously it’s a pink finger! Haha


Okay so I promised lips swatches if I had time so right above that’s what you are looking at in the pics the lip swatches. I love lip swatches. It’s weird because I can’t really tell what a color looks like when people do lipstick swatches on their arm. So I prefer to look at lip swatch videos. Is that weird? Does anyone else have this problem? So when I research what lipsticks I want to buy I always go on YouTube first and look for lip swatches. It takes me forever usually but the first time I seen Lizzy from WhatWouldLizzyDo you can check her out here if your not familiar with her. I love her! This is another view of her lip swatch.

This is a MAC Paint Pot in Quite Natural I picked this up from watching Lizzy too! I’ve used it to contour and I’ll tell you what. I am in love. Not only is it a amazing contour, it’s also a eyeshadow primer and there is a ton of product in here so this is going to last a while before I would need to repurchase so I’m really lovin’ the multipurpose products. Twofers! Haha

Getting close to the end. This is just the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15. I’ve been wanting to try this I’ve been shopping around seeing and trying out all the different concealers. Let me know what’s your favorite and what you use it for because concealer a do so many different things but each one has its own area it shines in. Such as this MAC one is great for under the eyes highlighting but my dermablend I use to conceal blemishes. Or Kat Von D’s concealer is actually great for both in shade 16 I use to highlight and shade 18 I use for blemishes.

Another item I picked up after watching Lizzy is a MAC Pigment in Vanilla. There is a swatch there on my hand but again no justice for this pigment. It has this beautiful golden gleam when the light hits it.

20140126-004825.jpg MAC266

Lastly I got two new brushes. I love the 266 eyeliner I’m not sure about the pencil brush but I’ll play with it a little more and see what I think but I’m probably going to exchange that one for a different one. It’s just a pain in the butt but we’ll see.
we’ll I hope you enjoyed my little MAC Haul. Let me know what your favorite or must have MAC products are, I’d love to know. Oh, did anyone pick up the Viva Glam Lipglass? Should I go get it? Let me know. I’m on the fence right now.




Ipsy January 2014

I just wanted to apologize I thought I posted this all ready last week but it looks like I didn’t so here you go this is Ipsy January 2014! Enjoy

It took forever for Ipsy to get here this month, seriously why does it take soooo long??. Okay so let’s get into it. As usual, Ipsy is $10/month and free shipping.


Ipsy January 2014

This bag was smelly this month. I’ve never gotten a smelly bag before hopefully this will be the last one. It smelled like chemicals. It smelled gross. I didn’t really care for the bag this month anyway so, eh no big deal. I’ll shove some fabric softener sheets in it and hopefully the smell will go away. Or I guess I could wash it too! Hahaha


Proactive Acne Fading Pads

The first item is Proactive Mark Fading Pads. I received four samples. I tried one right before I started writing this and this baby burns if you have any cuts, active acne going on it burns. Is it weird that I kinda like it. We’ll I don’t like the sting but at the same time I like to know it’s working. If that makes sense?


Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-in Conditioner

So this is the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner. That is a mouthful! Haha I just recently ran out of this. I bought the same exact one from the hair salon I go to. I grabbed it for $2.00. I didn’t really think it was great. I wouldn’t repurchase it again but I don’t mind using it since I have it. It’s always good to have backup leave-in conditioner if you have long hair. And I have lots of it. Hair not leave-in conditioner. Just In case there was any confusion there. Haha.


Epice Facial Exfolliant

This little baby is called Epice. It’s a purifying exfoliant. It smells fruity, which is always a plus in my book. And it feels very smooth, I mean it has the little beads but they all feel the same size and are very small. I really enjoyed this. I’ve used it twice so far. I don’t know if I explained that texture right. If you got this in your bag let me what you thought. I personally have enjoyed it so far. Actually you know what this reminds me of? The Michael Todd Tropical Fruit Face Scrub. I love them both!


Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm and Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in Pearl

Sorry I guess I didn’t realize how crappy and unclear this picture was but it’s like 11 at night and I’m in bed with sick baby and hopefully not gonna get sick toddler. (FYI…Everyone got sick!) So I’m super sorry for the crap pic. I’ll put myself in timeout in the a.m. (–I wish) no but seriously sorry. But in this pic we have Mica Beauty tinted lip balm in Natural, which is a nudie lip balm. It’s so smooth I absolutely love it. But if I had one complaint about it I wish it came with a little lip brush. I know it’s a balm but it’s more like a gloss/lipstick that’s hydrating. And I hate getting my fingers messy. I feel like it should be like Caitlyn’s. Her cosmetics come with brushes. That’s the only improvement I’d make.

Also in the picture… Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow pencil in Pearl. I’ll throw in some swatches below



I found this color to be more of a mauve. It looks really nice on and feels even better on your lips than you would think. It’s like silky!
nudie color on my lips. But the Smooth shadow swatch right above looks pretty much what it looks like in person. It’s beautiful.


Ipsy Card

I don’t usually show the cards but I thought this months was cute. It has 19 reasons why 2014 will be amazing. I stuck it on my fridge and I haven’t filled out 19 yet but I did get my first one written down.
1. I will not be pregnant this year!
I’ve been pregnant for the past three consecutive years, plus I have another child who is 10 so I am pretty excited to not being pregnant. I have to think about the rest but I do have that hanging on my fridge and the hubs thought it was pretty cute so there ya go! Haha.

That was January’s Ipsy bag! I would like to see more higher end make-up thrown in there. I love skincare so I don’t mind seeing skincare items but I wouldn’t mind more luxury makeup products that I’m interested in trying. You know what they should make? A MAC monthly subscription. I totally would be all over that. Speaking of MAC. I order the Riri Viva Glam Lipstick and some more MAC products today. Maybe I’ll do a little haulerooni when it all comes in.

If your interested in signing up for Ipsy click on the link Ipsy
At $10/month you can’t really beat it. The value of what you get is always more than what you pay.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Birchbox January 2014

Birchbox jan 2014

Birchbox January 2014

I almost wrote 2013 in the title. It’s going to take a while to get use to this but here we are. Birchbox January 2014. I totally forgot about this and it just showed up today which made it even better because usually I’m stalking the mailman. Haha So it went back to the usually non holiday box for the new year. Wah! Nah, I’m just kidding they were really similar anyways so it didn’t make any difference to me. So let’s get started…

This is my first subscription of the new year.  I love subscription boxes and Birchbox is one of my favorites so I was so excited to dive right in.

Birchbox jan 2014

The box in the box

Birchbox jan 2014

Birchbox is having a giveaway on Sundays for Birchbox subscribers only

The box in the box. And we are back to the standard normal, non-holiday box. But it’s ok because I care about what’s in the box. Also, I’ve been saving my boxes to do something fun and creative like I seen some one use them as picture frames and hung them up on the wall it was super cute and I really want to try it but I never have time with all these kids. Maybe when one of them starts school next year. Fingers crossed.

Ok so every Sunday for Birchbox subscribers only. You can enter every Sunday just go to

Ok I tried for like a 1/2 hour to get that above address into a link you can click on but I failed. Sorry I’m still figuring out How everything works. If anyone has any advice on a great tutorial I could watch I would appreciate it.

Ok so now back to the good stuff.  Here is our first look together!

Birchbox jan 2014

First peek at January’s products.

First thing I see…

Birchbox jan 2014

Beauty Protector Full-size $21.95

I like the smell of this and the bottle is like rubberish not plastic, It’s pretty cool. I’m excited to try it out.

Birchbox jan 2014

Nail Rock $6.99

I didn’t like this stuff, we’ll let me be more clear. So it comes with…

Birchbox jan 2014

Nail Rock, Sequin…haha that’s what it’s called! I kept calling it glitter.

Clear nail polish and umm glitter, only for nails or I guess decorating just not your face. So no eyes or lips. Five years ago I might have enjoyed this but now I just see a big mess. ¬†I only tried one nail and it was a complete fail. Not to mention it looked horrible on me. I don’t know. I thought they made these kits to make fun looking nails easier to do yourself at home but this was anything but that! I did really enjoy the clear nail polish though, It made my nails really shiny. But is this a base coat? Top coat? Or is this just a clear nail polish?

Birchbox jan 2014

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Lotion

I love Birchbox finds! And this stuff smells Ah-Mazing!!! it didn’t soak right into my skin but I do enjoy the scent. ¬†The lotion is white and I don’t remember if it had SPF in it or not but I think it did. ¬†That’s exactly how it rubs in, like your trying to rub SPF into your face so you don’t have any white spots, streaks. I went back and checked it didn’t say anything about having SPF and it reminded me of ¬†washing your face with soap but not using enough water? If that makes sense? I don’t know if you got this let me know if that makes sense. Haha

Inside this box there were two things.  Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy $25-$90 and Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Eternal Marine. Full size $20

Birchbox jan 2014

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

I’m sorry but I was disappointed with the sample size of Juicy Couture Perfume.

No seriously, I got the same size sample from Macy’s as a free gift for buying a jacket and some MAC makeup and having it shipped Along with a mans Hugo Boss Cologne, which smelled nice. ¬†Even though. They sent this sample I wasn’t as upset because they did send a Birchbox find so in my mind the Juicy perfume is like the extra to me and I do like the smell so it’s a win win. ¬†Just a small win win. Haha.

Birchbox jan 2014

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow Full size $20

Lastly I received Inika mineral eyeshadow in Eternal Marine. ¬†I didn’t get a chance to use this yet either.

Swatch of Aqua Marine

Swatch of Aqua Marine

All in all I was really happy with this months Birchbox. Birchbox is $10/month. If you’d like to sign up here is the link…

Sorry I’m having trouble with my iPad and it’s going back to the store as I finish this sentence so I hope you can hit the link if not just copy and paste and I hope you enjoyed this months Birchbox!

Lots of Love!