Ugg sick

Ok so I’ve been really sick for a while but I’m back now and ready to get going. I have some reviews of Birchbox, Ipsy and I did have Kiwi Crate but my kids tore right into it and I couldn’t find my camera so next month. We also got Bluum for the first time so I’m gonna be busy trying to get everything uploaded and together to put up on here. So check back soon because some good reviews are coming up!!!!


I hope everyone had a Happy ThanksGiving!!!!! Xoxo

Braeden showing you his puppet he made with Kiwi Crate this month!!! And I guess half of Rylans’s head! Hahaha!!


Birchbox November 2013 – More Good

So Birchbox came the other day and I was super excited for a two reasons…

1. I looked at my Birchbox on the site because I really wanted the Chella pencil. It was in my box! Ipsy has given this out twice and I never got it but I really wanted it so I was soooo pumped when I seen this was in my box!

2. I wasn’t expecting it until Monday. I’m pretty sure when I tracked it it said Monday and I was totally bummed until it just showed up in the mailbox.

This is how Birchbox arrives


I love the pink box. I am always super happy to see this in my mailbox!!! When you open the box you get this box…


Okay so let’s just get to the good stuff. I was so freaking excited for this box this month because I knew I was getting the Chella highlighter eyebrow pencil that I’ve been wanting forever! Ipsy has given this out twice and I missed both times but not now, I finally got it thanks to Birchbox! (FULL SIZE!!)

The only complaint I guess I’d have about this product I was so excited to try is that mine is really soft? Are they all really soft or just mine? I need to use it more before I can make a final decision on whether I’d buy it again or not. However, I am grateful for the chance to try it out to decide for myself.

Next… Its a 10 Miracle leave-in product, sample size


Next in the box is Color club nail polish. Dark’N stormy, I did swatch this color and I really liked the formula it also stayed on my nail a good amount of time I ended up taking it off a couple days later because I was going to paint my nails all of them the same color but with a house full of boys that hasn’t happened since I started last week!



Ok we definitely need to talk about this next item in my box that I really was hoping that by some miraculous mistake they left mine out and sent something wicked cool in its place. Ok so let’s start by saying I made sure to try everything out, smell, touch basically everything but taste!!!! So I decided to open this little chocolate and now I’m wishing I took a picture but I didn’t because I took a little bite and ate the whole thing basically by myself. Yes it’s small size and only meant for one person but I was in a room with the hubs and 3 kids three and under!!!! Hahah so I think David might have gotten a small, very small bite and I popped the rest in my mouth and thanked Birchbox out loud for sending me this ah-amazing piece of chocolate that I never knew existed!


Here is the last item in my Birchbox a small sample size body lotion. I know it was quite expensive for this lotion…Tiossan Body Cream $48! Now they sent out a couple different scents for these lotions I didn’t care for the scent they sent me. It was the yellow one. It smelled like Estée Lauder perfumes to me, but also note that I haven’t smelled Estée Lauder perfumes in about 10 years so if they smell different note I’m talking about 10 years ago. Although I’m sure they smell the same Very flowery scent I don’t know how else to describe it. Now they did send out different samples so the other ones might be nice but honestly I wouldn’t spend $48 on body lotion but I did think the sample was adorable. >

So here is another look at everything I received in my November Birchbox

20131130-170220.jpg<br /

If you want to sign up for Birchbox click or tap your finger here! Now that’s easy!!! Haha

Disclaimer: Birchbox did not send me this box. I subscribe and pay with my significant others money!!!! Hahaha. These are all my own thoughts!